Vermont Motorcycle Features

Vermont has its own unique motorcycle culture that reflects the culture of the State. Riders here enjoy their personal freedom, but are accepting of the choices made by other riders. Sport riders, cruisers, dual-sports and touring bikes all exchange "the wave". If you see a fellow rider broken down on the road, make sure you stop and offer assistance: next it may be you who is brokendown and you may be a long way from help!

Motorcycles parked in front of W. E. Pierce Store
MotoVermont has earned a reputation for offering unique motorcycle tours and this year is no exception. New for this season are a 400 mile, 4 day, dual sport tour, The Vermont 400, the all-female SheADV Dual-Sport tour and an a motorcycle photography tour, the Vermont Moto-Photo Tour....  read article
Marker for Constant Bliss and Moses Sleeper
The Bayley-Hazen Military Road, constructed in 1776-1779, runs approximately 80 from Wells River Village in Newbury Vermont to Montgomery Vermont on a mix of pavement, class 3 and 4 dirt roads. The  scenic, uncrowded route takes you through classic Northeast Kingdom Vermont and is a bucket-l...  read article
Moose Foundation Directors - Mike Mitchel, David Pearson, Tim White
When Dale and Lisa O’Keefe of Mason Wisconsin headed up Camp Brook Rd in Bethel on their 1994 Harley Davidson, July 14th they never expected what was coming. The Moose Foundation was there to help get them home....  read article
Klim Overland Jacket
Grabbing a handful of brakes leads to disaster, whacking the throttle open mid-corner is a recipe for a high-side and when it rains you get wet. These are all motorcycling truisms, until now, when technologies like traction control, anti-lock brakes and Gore-Tex work to reverse these truths ...  read article
Jane and Bill Mitchell
Bill and Jane Mitchell of Ride Safe Vermont are riding the "Brain Circuit" - a one day, 500 mile Vermont's perimeter ride to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease....  read article
Rider from the Cyclewise crew rounds turn 11 at NHMS
Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont in New Haven wants to see you on the race track! The New Haven Vermont Ducati-Suzuki dealer began sponsoring track days for their customers several years ago and they now regularly bring twenty or more riders to track events....  read article
Riders on the App-Gap ride past bumpier sign
Vermont-17, the App Gap, is known among New England motorcyclists as one of the best motorcycle roads in region. But, what was once the gem of Vermont motorcycle riding has now fallen into disrepair and is becoming increasingly dangerous to ride....  read article
Riding the Uncas Road in the Adirondack Park
My wife and I head to the Adirondack to explore the "slow roads": those narrow twisty backroads, where you see more when you travel less....  read article
Alan Newman and Steve Mason listen to business pitches at the Lowell Barn Pitch
Motorcyclists have a tradition of stopping to help when they see another rider stranded by the side of the road. We’ve been there before: it’s lonely. We know what it’s like, so we stop and lend a hand. Starting a business in rural Vermont can be lonely too, and sometimes getting the right a...  read article
Long Lake, NY
With hundreds of motorcycle vendors at Tour Expo and the roar of Canada Street, it is easy to think of Americade as a “motorcycle-mall” or a seven day parade. While there is truth in these generalizations -- and reason enough to love Americade -- Americade is more. This year, I had three day...  read article
Eddie Krasnow tries the simulator while instructor Bill Mitchell looks on
You’re riding down a city street when suddenly a pedestrian steps into your path from behind a parked box truck. Your heart jumps, you grab the front brake causing the front tire to howl as you skid into the man knocking him to the ground. Your bike goes down and you fall in a jumble to the ...  read article
Awesome Players Off-Road Motorcycle Club video
The Awesome Players Off-Road Motorcycle Club is six regular guys who find their adventure close to home on Sunday mornings. Their video inspires the rest of us to get out and ride....  read article
Planning a dual-sport riding trip
Planning a route for your new adventure bike can be as challenging as riding it once you’ve gotten there. Ideally, your riding buddies will have plenty of knowledge to share with you and you can just follow along. But, that only works so long: eventually you need to find your own way...  read article
Riders at NHMS in Loudon, NH round turn 10
With the re-opening of the road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, in Thompson, CT, the 2014 motorcycle track day season is looking good for New England riders. Thompson increases the number of tracks within four hours of Vermont to three and ground has broken on tracks in Palmer,...  read article
Instructor Lorne Banks briefs students
Riding over loose rocks, covered by slippery wet leaves, I stand on the pegs, weight over the front wheel and try to keep my throttle smooth and steady, feeding in just enough to keep me climbing without overwhelming the available grip. The back end of the bike swings and bounces as the rear...  read article
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